Infinity Walk

  1. Place 2 small chairs/objects 3 feet apart.
  2. Beginning in the middle of the 2 objects, the child starts walking around the chairs in a “figure 8” pattern outside then inside the chairs.
  3. When the child has the pattern well established, you can add educational visual materials i.e. picture cards, phonic cards, spelling words, sight words, math facts, etc. To do this, start the child in the center of the chairs with his/her back to the object of attention (flashcards, tv, etc.). As the child walks the pattern, s/he should never lose sight of the target.

When the body moves through this pattern there is an increase in the activity between the left and right hemispheres of the brain.  This movement pattern increases the automaticity of upper and lower body rotation/counter-rotation thus improving the body’s overall coordination and endurance.

How to use the Infinity Walk
Begin with learning the pattern. Use painters tape or chalk on the floor to guide the child through the pattern. Once the pattern is established, add the cognitive integration. I recommend many families use the infinity walk for homework with sight words, spelling words, math facts, memorizing Bible verses and as a warm up to reading/homework.  If children watch TV they can do so while doing the infinity walk especially the kids who need “chill out” time after a stressful school day.  The infinity walk would be useful in the resource room at school as well.   

Once your child has mastered the infinity walk, taking it to the next level is a simple matter of walking the opposite direction. By starting the walk in the center, facing the object of attention, the child now loses visual focus and needs to turn their body to find the object going around each turn. This improves visual skills as well as full body awareness, and is a good exercise for students who have difficulty copying notes off the whiteboard, as well as for football players learning to keep their eyes on the ball during a pass.

Time and distance of Infinity walk
I recommend doing the walk for a minimum of 5 minutes, however the longer the greater benefit.  Set up the infinity walk at least 7’ from the TV.