Indoor Sensory Integration Home Gym

Supplies needed for Attachment

  • 6 lag bolts (aka lag screw),  ¾ x 4½", zinc plated (about $2 each)
  • 2 Wire (or bent or turned) Eye Bolts, wood screw thread, ½ x 3¾", 13 size diameter (about $4 each)
  • 4 Washers for either side of bolts, USS flat washers, ½" inside diameter (about $0.10 each)
  • 2 Hex Lock Nuts (Nylon), ½" diameter
  • 1 Wood Board (Pine 2x4) approximately 4-5 feet long (to fit across 3 ceiling joists)
  • 1 Black Diamond Rotors from (about $40 each)


  1. Select location about 6 feet away from walls or obstacles.
  2. Attach board across 3 joists with lag bolts.
  3. Drill 2 holes for eye bolts, 3 feet apart.
  4. Assemble from bottom to top: eye bolt - washer - wood - washer - lock nut.
  5. Attach Rotors to one eye bolt


Building the Swings

  • 2 Non-clocking carabiners straight gate. Oval or "D", size 3 or 4" aluminum - on the swings. Used to exchange swings from two eye bolts/Rotors.
  • 2 Chains for attaching, about 18" apiece. Heavier than swing set chain.
  • Exercise Mat/padding for underneath the swings.

Tire Swing - 30" radius truck inner tube (from Big O Tires). Hook with (2) 27" bike inner tubes (from trash at bike shop) to Rotors chain.

Platform Swing - about 3x3' plywood, or 30x36", ¾" thick. Drill holes through each corner, tie ½" rope through each corner, pull together both ropes (from corners 30" apart) about 5 feet high. Do the same with the other two ropes. Tie each end to a caribiner for easy exchange, and hang from eye bolts/Rotors. Can line plywood with a piece of carpet for comfort.

Trapeze Bar - Wooden dowel, 1" diameter, 20" long. Drill hole in each end, tie one rope through each end to create triangle of dowel and rope. Hang from caribiner on Rotors chain. Remember to have child hang with Yin-Yang hands!