Sensory/Tactile Bag & Program

Rhythm Sticks

  • Rub the sticks together (note if your child is right handed you want to be a mirror for her so you will lead with your left hand and vice versa if your child is left handed), do this through the rhythm stick sequence
  • next bang your sticks together (~7x's)
  • put sticks between the palms of hand and rub back and forth saying “mix, mix, mix”
  • hold sticks in hands pointing towards each other and “roll' them forward” in circular motion saying “roll, roll, roll”
  • hammer your stick using the dominant hand bang the top of the other stick that is held vertical
  • “space shuttle” holding sticks in hands bring them together in front of you slowly touching the tips together, do this twice make sound affects like the sound of a truck backing up “beep, beep, beep”
  • rub the sticks together again (~ 7 xs's)
  • “Rock-n-Roll Band” bang the sticks like a drummer on the floor for a few rifts
  • say “stop” and slam one stick down on the other stick, receive the sticks from your child

Vegetable Brush

  • take the brush, we are going to brush our palm begin brushing up and down counting” 1-2-3-4-5”
  • now turn the hand over and brush the top side of the hand “1-2-3-4-5”
  • now brush the forearm (ideally shirt sleeve is up so brush is on skin) “1-2-3-4-5”
  • rotate forearm brush the underside of the forearm “1-2-3-4-5”

Loafa Glove

  • choose one glove from an array and place on a hand (Michael Jackson style circa 1982)
  • rub the glove to the palm of the other hand saying “slow, slow, slow”, the speed it up saying “fast, fast, fast” do this sequence 2x
  • next bring hands together gently saying “soft, soft, soft” then bang hands together saying “hard, hard, hard” do this sequence 2x  


  • choose a piece of colored theraband holding at each end
  • pull apart saying “long” then let  tension off band saying “short”, do this 2x
  • holding the band vertical pull apart saying “tall” let tension off saying ”small”, do this twice

Rubber bands

  • loop the large rubber bands around each thumb, pull apart saying as above “long” then short, do this 2x
  • holding the bands with your thumbs now do in the vertical plane “tall” and “small” do this 2x

Pop tubes

  • choose one and pull apart saying “long” then put together saying “short” do this 2x  


  • pick one and hold each end with your index, middle finger and thumb push together saying “thick”, then let expand saying “thin” do this 3x
  • place the index finger in both ends of the boink pressing towards each other 3xs
  • lastly, place the boink vertical on the floor and compressing down with fingers pretend to do at least 3 space shuttle launches

All these tasks should be done with the child. When you model with your child it is helpful for you to be your child's visual mirror; i.e. if your child is right-handed and you are sitting across from her, you would do all the tasks with your left hand/side like she was looking into a mirror