The Spin Game

This is a great, simple, quick game requiring minimal equipment, to help prepare your child's eyes for reading. This exercise should be done immediately before the child reading, or the parent reading to the child.


(Helping the eyes move “effortless” for reading)

1.) Start in the standing position with the feet shoulder width apart.

2.) Place arms out to side (T position) parallel to floor with palms up.

3.) Look down at the floor/feet, tilting the head forward.

4.) Begin turning slowly (yet at a steady pace) to the left in your “own space”.  Turn (3, 5, 7, or 9xs) depending which level the teacher has decided the class is ready for.  “STOP” turning.  Look up at the teacher and quietly count the random number of fingers she/he is displaying.  Now, do the exact same turning movement to the right.  “STOP”.  Now, how many fingers is the teacher demonstrating this time?

5.) Now, your student’s eyes have been “primed” to move separate from their head and in a smooth horizontal pattern which is what proficient readers do well.

The spin game when performed smoothly and balanced to the left/right will improve a child’s visual, auditory and balance abilities.  The better these systems are in balance the better a child’s attention/focus and on task task behavior.