The “52 second” pre-writing hand warm-up exercise

1.) Rub hands together, palm to palm.  Make a fist with your left hand and hit the palm of your right hand firmly 5x’s, rub palms together again, repeat with the right fist hitting the left palm firmly 5x’s.

2.) Make your hands/fingers resemble a “bear claw”.  Hold this claw position for at least 8 seconds away from their body (you can have the kids growl softly if you like).

3.) Make a fist with your non-dominant hand.  Touch the tip of each finger to the tip of the thumb “slowly” (making good O’s).  Do 3 series of these finger touches saying, “bing, bang, boing, bung” or some other personal catchy words.

4.) Make a fist with the non-dominant hand.  Using the dominant hand, grasp the pencil in the middle with the thumb, index and middle fingers.  Now, twirl the pencil “slowly” away from the body 5xs.  Stop.  Now, twirl the pencil towards the body “slowly” 5xs.

5.) Lastly, walk/inch the fingers down the pencil shaft to where “the paint meets the wood”.  The hand is now ready to write with the muscles of the hand “cued up”!

To make certain that you are not over using the muscles in the hand, make sure the ring and little finger is tucked in the palm of the hand.  To teach this, have the student place a penny in their palm holding it with their ring/little finger, and then ask them to pick up their pencil.


ZOOM Video: Visual walk-through and explanation of exercise:


ZOOM Video: The Zoom Game in 52 seconds


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