ZOOM Teacher Assessment

1.) Hand out the sentence sheet, give each child a #2 pencil and have them write their name at the bottom of the page.

2.) Teacher should note the date that you are giving this to your students as you are going to be asked to repeat this same task in exactly one month.

3.) Tell your students that you want them to write as much of this sentence as they can in 60 seconds.  Ask them not to erase, if they make a mistake please just cross it out and continue.  At the end of 60 seconds (timer would be most accurate) ask them to put down their pencils and hand in their paper.

4.) Now, the intervention after this assessment.  Each and every time you ask the class to pull out their pencil, crayon, scissors to complete a task in class, perform “ ZOOM” the 52 second hand warm-up for improved pencil proficiency.

5.) Exactly one month later, pull the sentence sheet out and redo steps 1-3 from above.  Ask your grade level colleagues and the school occupational therapist to help you compare and contrast.  Ideally, you would do the same after another month to really give them an opportunity to improve their penmanship.

It is said that the body/muscles must do an activity 10,000 times before it commits that movement to memory.  I want all my therapy kids and their peers to be thinking of the thoughts they want to get down on paper versus which muscles they should be recruiting to make a capital “M”.