For Parents

Parents know their child the best. When a child's behaviors are quite varied depending on the environment they are in i.e. home, school, daycare, church, park, grand mom’s house, etc., there should be a red light that goes off saying that we need to do a little investigating. Everyday each child intakes, processes and outputs all their sensory experiences. These include all the sights, sounds, tastes, touch sensations, smells, head/body movements and body positions. It is often assumed that each child is capable of processing all their sensory experiences in a coordinated and integrated behavior.

Our nervous systems are very complex machines and they vary greatly even in the same family. I could elaborate on how our own 3 sons' sensory processing systems are very different even though we have attempted to raise/parent them the same. 

The majority of the children in our private practice are

very intelligent young girls and boys. They share this trait: they are loved by their parents. Their parents are information seekers and doers desiring to make their child’s life less stressful for them and their parents. 

When in doubt, check it out! There are rarely any simple solutions. I believe that we all come to the “answers” through a myriad of paths including: diet, parenting, therapies counseling, etc… The more partners (spouse, family members, friends/neighbors, teachers, coaches/instructors, etc…) we can amass on our team the better and the quicker the benefits for our child.