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The Necessary Link: Teachers as facilitators of neurologic motor learning in the classroom

I realize the heavy demands that are placed upon the classroom teacher by administrators, parents and others.  Between the ages of birth to 8-9 years the brain/CNS (central nervous system) is like a plants “root ball”.  The “root ball” is changing on its own as well as readying itself to be facilitated to form longer, thicker roots.  This time of sensory motor development is being suppressed by our educational system which insists on educating the heads of children yet negates the rest of the central nervous system.  Our educational system is failing a large portion of students whose educational neurodevelopment is being stifled via learning without moving (i.e. 4-5 year olds sitting for a 45 minute circle time, a school that boasts one 15 minute recess a day to maximize the students learning, etc…)  These tendencies do not lend to the best practice of helping each child’s root ball grow.

If you are a teacher who feels this unrealistic push, I highly suggest you look at ways to facilitate your students “root balls”.  I can assure you that your students will embrace you and love you for it.  And, they will learn to love learning.  To see an ideal classroom environment that boosts neurodevelopment, please be sure to read the article on The Sensory Smart Classroom.


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