Body Movement, Posture and Strength

"Minds in Motion" Fit Sticks

  • Set of 55 1-minute movements/exercises for use in the classroom/home. Great for transitions and rainy day option. They help kids regulate themselves for learning and the kids love them!
  • Order from Pouder Valley Health

Trampoline for active children

  • We recommend getting a 42"-48" indoor trampoline for active children. These are common and can be purchased at Walmart, Target, sporting goods stores, and many others.


Superhero Swing to improve posture


Inflatable Exercise Balls

Hand Exerciser

  • Again these can be found in many stores. We recommend the easy (red) and medium (green) for most children.
  • Cando ErgoGrip Hand Exercisers can be purchased at Best Priced products here.


Spooner Board


Gravity Tube

  • Great for pretend games such as slaying dragons in the Sensory Integration Home Gym swing exercises. Often found at Learning Express.



  • Cross-body movement, an indoor darts game for kids. Typically available at Learning Express.