Resources for Self-Esteem

Effective Learning Systems has produced numerous great and effective audio CD's to improve many areas of life.


My 4 year old son has had a hard time with self confidence and sensory issues. We contacted John Murray and one of the things he recommended was Bob Griswold's "Self Image for Children". For the price I knew it was worth a try. Bed times were never a good experience for us. My son would whine, cry, and use every excuse in the book to come out of his room. He didn't know how to calm down and was genuinely fearful of going to sleep. He actually spent many nights sleeping in his closet because it provided him comfort.
The first night of the CD I was skeptical. I started listening to it with my son and it was so corny! I couldn't imagine how it could help. Still, I played it for him. Bedtime was easier but still a bit of a struggle. The second night was better. The third night and every night since he has asked me to put on his "imagination music". He happily climbs into bed and always falls asleep before it has ended. I can't believe it! He even sleeps through the night now (something that was hit or miss before).
It doesn't end there. In the mornings my son would have trouble getting up and ready for the day. He seemed overwhelmed from the moment he woke up how, I'm not even sure. I would have to wake him up almost 2 hours before school to give him time to adjust. Now that has all changed! He wakes up in a good mood and is so much more adaptable. This morning he woke up 20 minutes before school, got ready, and was actually happy about going.
I even recommended it for a friend and her 4 year old son has responded just as well as mine has. She no longer spends 2 hours rubbing his back. I can't thank John Murray enough or sing enough praise for Bob Griswold's CD! It has been a complete game changer.
Cassandra Letterly