Sensory/Tactile Bag

The Sensory Bag, also known as the Tactile Bag, contains a variety of elements for "touch therapy". The list below is a good place to start, but please consult with John Murray for custom tactile elements that may be better suited for your child, and the exercises to perform with each.


Rhythm Sticks

Vegetable Brushes

  • Vitamin Cottage offers several different brushes of varying stiffness. We recommend you pick up three brushes ranging from softer to stiffer bristles.

Loofah Glove

  • These can often be found in most Targets, Walmarts, grocery stores, etc. They are exfoliating gloves with fingers like these at


  • 5' band each of yellow, green and red (these are differing strengths). These can be purchased together as the Thera-Band Prescription Pack at Best Priced Products.

Large Rubber Bands

  • Like the Therabands, these come in 3 different colors of differing strengths. Available at Office Depot or

Pop Toobs


  • Also known as "Chinese Finger Traps" these can be found sometimes at Learning Express, Walmart, or party stores.

"Spiky Balls"

  • Also known as massage balls, these can be found in many places. Learning Express sometimes carries them.
  • We recommend the small 2.8in massage balls. Best Priced Products has them here.
  • A similar option that works well is dryer balls like these from