“Should I Stay or Go"?

I would like to weigh in on a few feelings about a question I am often asked.  “Should I send them onto kindergarten?”  My first and foremost thought is… when in doubt keep them out. You (the parent) know your child best. 

My present rule of thumb is, if your son/daughter is born after May 1st, don’t send them to kindergarten.  It is better that they not be the youngest in the class for the rest of their 12 years of public education.  My opinion is driven from 2 factors.  The first, kindergarten in the 2010’s is really 1st grade.  I feel there is a case for what I call BN (Bad Neurology).  When your kindergartner is expected to be reading by December and writing 2-3 sentences before Christmas break, I feel this is out of sync with what the average nervous system can accomplish without undue stress at this age.   

The second reason is Maripat Filmyer.  My favorite sister lost her battle to stomach cancer at age 56 in ‘07.  On one of my last visits with my sis, we lay on her bed discussing just nothing and everything at the same time.  Then Maripat shares, “I wish mom and dad did not send me to school so early”.  Here is my sister dying and she’s telling me this. It amazed me the significance this has had on her whole life. I promised to myself that I would share her sage advice with everyone I could.  You just happen to be one of those people.  All the gratitude is given Maripat.