PRIDE Skills to Improve Relationship and Self-Esteem

A tested and proven technique for improving your relationship with your child, as well as your child's self-esteem, is to actively use the PRIDE skills.

P – Praise (positive reinforcement for things well-done)
R – Reflect (repeating what the child said in different words)
I – Imitate (mimicking what your child does)
D – Describe (reinforcing what the child has done by describing details)
E – Enthusiasm (positive words and actions demonstrating interest in your child)
Be direct when talking to your child, using language appropriate to their development level, and using positive words. Always avoid sarcasm and criticism, and whenever possible avoid commands. 
Ignore inappropriate behavior, unless it becomes destructive or dangerous. Actively ignoring a child can be done in many ways, such as remaining silent, turning your eyes or body away, walking away, or praising another child for their behavior. Playing with something else really fun, to redirect your child into positive play, is also helpful in promoting good behaviors.