Simple Classroom Exercise for Improving Behavior and Written Output

The school year is upon us and I feel compelled to share a simple/quick strategy to help teachers achieve 3 objectives:

  • improve on task behavior in the classroom
  • improve volume of written output
  • improve relations with your students’ parents

My rationale comes from a basic premise that is grossly overlooked by the folks legislating how you need to teach and obtain test scores for your job security.  The strategy is based on a number of factors including:  30+ years as a pediatric occupational therapist (including a # of years as a school OT), feedback from parents in treatment sessions as well as from the kids themselves (especially the smart ones), observing our own 3 sons’ (ages 13, 15 & 17) and John Wooden’s book on his coaching philosophy. 

My therapy background speaks of facilitating change in a child’s neurological sensory-motor system by providing activities that are of: high intensity, high frequency, short duration and are, ideally, rhythmic.   

Thus, utilizing the “Zoom Game” (a pencil performance enhancer) prior to each written task in school will give you extra time to do what you love to do …. Teach.

The “Zoom Game” takes less than a minute to perform and teachers that are utilizing this classroom strategy for “all” their students are sharing interesting feedback.

The “Zoom Game” can be learned and viewed on this website here:

Let us know how it works for you in the classroom and at home.  Make it a great school year!   

John, ot