Murray Therapy Pediatric Occupational Therapy Defined

At Murray Therapy, trained, experienced and registered pediatric occupational therapists work with you and your child to achieve whole-body success. We work with your child in a variety of areas including sensory processing disorders, gross and fine motor skills, poor handwriting, lack of self-confidence and more.

We educate and inspire care-givers (including your family, your teacher, your doctor, and everyone else with an impact on your child's success,) to continue the child's development outside of the office visit. Our goal is to have the strongest impact in improving the lives of all the children we can reach.


We believe...

All kids whether they have an identified disability or not, deserve the opportunity to function to the best of their abilities. Sometimes things just don’t flow for a child’s sensory motor system. There may be:

  • struggles with transitions or needs to control,
  • difficulties sitting still,
  • sensitivities to clothes/hair washing/loud noises,
  • high frequency/intense temper tantrums,
  • difficulty with personal space,
  • decreased eye contact,
  • intense roughness with toys/body/siblings,
  • an inability to follow through with simple directions,
  • decreased confidence, low self-esteem
  • difficulty with handwriting,
  • delayed gross motor skills or clumsiness,
  • a child in perpetual motion,
  • a child restless at bedtime,
  • a child who only eats 5 foods,
  • someone who is far off from toilet training, 
  • struggles mastering fine motor control such as buttons, tying, putting on shoes, etc.

We believe there is HOPE and it can be facilitated by an occupational therapist.

We invite you to explore this site for useful suggestions for improving your child's life. If you would like us to evaluate your child and you're in the northern Colorado area, please contact our office at (970) 226-6225.