We are pediatric occupational therapists who assist parents in helping each child realize their potential in the expanse of their physical, sensory, behavioral and intellectual development.

Tactile sensory input

We help children with...

  • not handling transitions well, needing to always be in control
  • difficulty with group gatherings
  • being over-sensitive to sounds, tastes, touch of clothes
  • feeding problems, only eating certain foods
  • restlessness at bedtime, not sleeping well
  • unable to sit for entire meals or circle-time
  • difficulty with personal space
  • playing too rough with parents, siblings, pets, toys
  • frequent intense emotional outbursts
  • disliking themselves, high anxiety, stubborn, uncooperative
  • clumsy, decreased motor coordination
  • poor eye contact, struggles in new places
  • in perpetual motion, intense personality
  • far off from potty training
  • poor fine motor skills such as handwriting and typing